Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3

1998-09-09 09:52:35
Subject: Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
From: Ken Guettler <Ken.Guettler AT MARYVILLE DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 08:52:35 -0500
There are a couple of other problems with NetView V5 on AIX V4.3.1 I
have noticed.

1) Web Client access will fail due to modifications made in the way AIX
v4.3.1 has changed the API for the encrypted password file.
  This was opened as a problem with Tivoli support.  The problem is
fixed in NetView V5.1.  The work around is to : "Turn off web client
security entirely by editting usr/OV/web/httpd/conf/access.conf and
commenting out the 'require valid-user' lines."

2) AIX user id creation, and password modification fails after starting
NetView.  I suspect this is related to the above problem.  I have not
reported this to Tivoli support since NetView v5.1 is so close to
availability.  If you stop NetView, the user id and password functions
work again.


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> From: Brian Hwang [SMTP:bhwang AT TW.IBM DOT COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 1998 4:40 AM
> Subject:      Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
> Mikael,
> I follow thoese steps and complete the installation.
> The following documents what needs to be done to make NetView V5
>  and the TME10 Framework, work correctly on AIX 4.3.
>  -----------------------------------------------------------------
>   1. Install X11 fonts that are prereq for NetView but are not
>      installed with AIX 4.3
>   2. Install AIX 4.3 PTF U453944 and reboot.
>      (AIX 4.3.1 includes this ptf)
>   3. Get Tivoli Framework patch 3.2-TMF-0004.
>        Tivoli patches are available via the web URL:
>           http://www.support.tivoli.com
>           Select 'patches'
>        To download patches, you must be registered. To register:
>        use the same web page, select 'Register'
>        If you must have the patch immediately, ftp to the
>        netview ftp site, and cd to  fix/s-lynneb
>            Download 3.2-TMF-0004.tar.Z
>   4. Mount Tivoli Framework 3.2 CD:
>           cd into the directory, <framework_install_dir>, that
>           you have created for framework installation.
>           Run the wpreinst.sh script.  wpreinst links files from
>           the cdrom to to your installation directory.  wpreinst
>           will fail, but that's ok, hecause the links are done.
>   5. From patch 3.2-TMF-0004:
>      copy wserver over <framework_install_dir>/wserver
>      copy  wserver_gui over
>          <framework_install_dir>/bin/aix4-r1/wserver_gui
>      copy wserver_cli over
>          <framework_install_dir>/bin/aix4-r1/wserver_cli
>   6. Run "wserver -c <cdrom_path>" to install Framework 3.2.
>   7. Source the /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh script and start the
>      Tivoli desktop.
>   8. Install the Tivoli Framework patch 3.2-TMF-0004.
>   9. Mount the NetView for UNIX V5 CD and install the TME 10
>      NetView Framework Patch.
>  10. Exit the Tivoli desktop and run "odadmin reexec all" to
>      resynch all oserv daemons.
>  11. Start Tivoli desktop.
>  12. The following assumes that you starting ovw through either
>      /usr/OV/bin/nv6000  or  /usr/OV/netview script.
>      (or the /usr/bin/netview, /bin/netview, /usr/bin/nv6000,
>      and /bin/nv6000 soft links to them)
>      Create the file /usr/OV/bin/applsetup containing these lines.
>      LIBPATH=/usr/lpp/X11/lib/R5:/usr/lpp/X11/lib/R5/Motif1.2:$LIBPATH
>      export LIBPATH
>      If the user starts ovw any other way, it is up to him to
>      make sure this LIBPATH setting is in effect for the NetView
>      execution tree.
>   ***Load the X11.compat.lib.X11R5 fileset
>      from the AIX 4.3.0 CD in order to get the X11 R5 libraries.
>  13. Start netivew.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Best Regards,
>  Brian Hwang,
>  IBM,Taiwan
>  TEL:886-7-213-5523
>  FAX:886-7-216-5488
>  E-Mail: bhwang AT tw.ibm DOT com
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