Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3

1998-09-09 05:39:36
Subject: Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
From: Brian Hwang <bhwang AT TW.IBM DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 17:39:36 +0800
I follow thoese steps and complete the installation.

The following documents what needs to be done to make NetView V5
 and the TME10 Framework, work correctly on AIX 4.3.
  1. Install X11 fonts that are prereq for NetView but are not
     installed with AIX 4.3
  2. Install AIX 4.3 PTF U453944 and reboot.
     (AIX 4.3.1 includes this ptf)
  3. Get Tivoli Framework patch 3.2-TMF-0004.
       Tivoli patches are available via the web URL:
          Select 'patches'
       To download patches, you must be registered. To register:
       use the same web page, select 'Register'
       If you must have the patch immediately, ftp to the
       netview ftp site, and cd to  fix/s-lynneb
           Download 3.2-TMF-0004.tar.Z

  4. Mount Tivoli Framework 3.2 CD:
          cd into the directory, <framework_install_dir>, that
          you have created for framework installation.
          Run the wpreinst.sh script.  wpreinst links files from
          the cdrom to to your installation directory.  wpreinst
          will fail, but that's ok, hecause the links are done.

  5. From patch 3.2-TMF-0004:
     copy wserver over <framework_install_dir>/wserver
     copy  wserver_gui over
     copy wserver_cli over
  6. Run "wserver -c <cdrom_path>" to install Framework 3.2.
  7. Source the /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh script and start the
     Tivoli desktop.
  8. Install the Tivoli Framework patch 3.2-TMF-0004.
  9. Mount the NetView for UNIX V5 CD and install the TME 10
     NetView Framework Patch.
 10. Exit the Tivoli desktop and run "odadmin reexec all" to
     resynch all oserv daemons.
 11. Start Tivoli desktop.
 12. The following assumes that you starting ovw through either
     /usr/OV/bin/nv6000  or  /usr/OV/netview script.
     (or the /usr/bin/netview, /bin/netview, /usr/bin/nv6000,
     and /bin/nv6000 soft links to them)
     Create the file /usr/OV/bin/applsetup containing these lines.
     export LIBPATH
     If the user starts ovw any other way, it is up to him to
     make sure this LIBPATH setting is in effect for the NetView
     execution tree.
  ***Load the X11.compat.lib.X11R5 fileset
     from the AIX 4.3.0 CD in order to get the X11 R5 libraries.
 13. Start netivew.
Best Regards,

 Brian Hwang,
 E-Mail: bhwang AT tw.ibm DOT com

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cc:    (bcc: Brian CL Hwang/Taiwan/IBM)
Subject:  Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3

I have followed the instructions below and I got the exactly the same

How did you solve it ?

Mikael Fältman (mifal AT wmdata DOT com)
WM-data Dataservice AB
Network Services

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brian Hwang [SMTP:bhwang AT TW.IBM DOT COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 3:48 AM
> To:   NV-L AT UCSBVM.ucsb DOT edu
> Subject:      Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
> I got some problem when install Netview 5.0 on AIX4.3
> 1) I can't find the X11.compat.fnt.oldX and bs1.en_US.pc.loc
> 2) I got error message when install Netview 5.0 as follow:
> ==================================================
> Starting tracing and logging
> Initializing the Tracing and Logging...
> Done.
>   Running customize script for fileset OVMIN-LICENSE.
>     Making links....
>   Running customize script for fileset OVMIN.
>     Making links....
>   Running customize script for fileset OVWIN.
> ERROR:     Customize script for fileset OVWIN exited with code 2.
> SEV_2 ERR_cfgbf_001
> SEV_2 ERR_bcfg_210
> base:    Saving log files to /tmp/NVfail.tar
> NetView Installation encountered errors and has not successfully
> completed.
> running nv6000.base.obj.unconfig
> ==== base unconfig Tue Sep  1 20:10:33 TAIST 1998 ====
> Stopping daemons...
> Removing error log messages...
> Deleting added lines in rc.tcpip
> Removing installp features ODM entries...
> 0518-307 odmdelete: 1 objects deleted.
> 0518-307 odmdelete: 0 objects deleted.
> 0518-307 odmdelete: 1 objects deleted.
> ============================================
> please help me, thanks!
> Brian Hwang
> Ken Guettler <Ken.Guettler AT MARYVILLE DOT COM> on 98/09/01 08:55:44 PM
> Please respond to Discussion of IBM NetView and POLYCENTER Manager on
>       NetView et alia <NV-L AT UCSBVM.UCSB DOT EDU>
> cc:    (bcc: Brian CL Hwang/Taiwan/IBM)
> Subject:  Re: Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
> Dan,
> I will give it a try.
> 1) Ensure all of the necessary AIX files are installed for AIX 4.3.
> These files are listed in the NetView release notes and Installation
> manual.
>         Most of these file were pre-installed on my new RS/6000 AIX
> 4.3.1 system.  The one I had difficulty with was
> bos.loc.pc_compat.En_US.
>         As one other contributer noted, this file is on the AIX 4.3.1
> CD
> but is not shown unless to Install under SMIT using the List_All
> option.
> 2) Once all of the files are available add the language locale En_US
> through smit (both Cultural and language conventions)
> 3) Set your LANG variable to En_US
>         LANG-En_US
>         export LANG
> 4) Install the Tivoli framework ( I used v3.2)  This will require you
> to
> get the Framework patch 3.2-TMF-0004 from the Tivoli support web site.
>         - Follow the directions in the Release notes and manual to
> create the the CDROM and installation directories
>         - Mount the CDROM
>         - Run the wpreinst.sh command to copy some files to the
> installation directory.  The end of this command displays a wserver -c
> <install dir> command
>           you need to run next. ( the wserver command will fail with
> the
> message " unable to guess system type.  Try setting $INTERP.")
>         - At this point "Part 1" of the 3.2-TMF-0004 patch will need
> to
> be completed.  The patch (and it's scripts) use a different install
>           directory than the Framework manual indicates
> (install_bundle
> vs. install_dir) causing problems in running th scripts.
>           I found it easier to untar the patch file and manually copy
> the 3 files for part 1 of the patch. (this is described in the readme
> file.)
>         - Run the ./wserver -c <install_dir> command as shown at the
> end
> of the wpreinst.sh command again
>         - The Tivoli desktop is supposed to appear at this point.  I
> had
> to run the . /etc/Tivoli/setup_env.sh command and they type tivoli at
> the command
>           line to bring it up.
>         - Complete the 3.2-TMF-0004 patch installation as described in
> "Part 2" of the patch readme file. (this worked just fine)
> 5) You can now resume the NetView installation by installing the
> "NetView Framework Patch" as described in the NetView Installation
> manual
> 6) In my case this was a new NetView installation so I followed the
> manual and went to page 2-17 for installing the NetView Server,
> however
> you
>         must also perform the steps on page 2-16 to "Make the Server a
> Managed Resource".
> 7) Now you can install NetView as described on pages 2-17 to 2-23 in
> the
> NetView Installation and Configuration manual.
> Ken
> Maryville Data Systems
> One Pierce Place   Suite 475W
> Itasca,  IL  60143
> (630) 285-9597 ext. 5105
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> > Subject:      Netview 5.0 and AIX 4.3
> >
> > So could someone sum up what is needed to run netview 5.0 on aix 4.3
> > or 4.3.1
> >
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