Re: Error:bad dkey installing products

1998-08-28 22:38:54
Subject: Re: Error:bad dkey installing products
From: Paul Lee <paullee AT PENTA.CO DOT KR>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998 11:38:54 +0900
Hi Jullio.
The above error message references a 'bad dkey'.
The dkey is created from a combination of the ipaddress
and hostname returned by the uname command along with the
port (94). On SP2 machines with multiple interfaces the
install may be returning the wrong hostname/ipaddress.

The resolution is to create a file named /etc/wlocalhost on
the SP processor.  The contents of this file should be the
name of the ManagedNode as Tivoli knows it.  
It is recommended that you restore from a backup prior to
the failed Sentry install, then try reinstalling Sentry. 
If you are unable to do the restore,
You will need to remove references to the Sentry install
in $BINDIR/.installed and $LIBDIR/.installed  before attempting
to reinstall Sentry. 
rm $BINDIR/.installed/Sentry2.0.2_BIN
rm $LIBDIR/.installed/Sentry2.0.2_LIB 
Please let me know if you have any questions about the referenced
instructions or if you need further assistance with this pmr. 
I will leave the call open for one week, if I have not heard from
you at that time, I will assume that the problem has been resolved
and close the pmr. 

Paul Lee.
Penta Systems Technology Inc
System Management Division
TEL :   82-2-769-9750
paullee AT penta.co DOT kr
>I realize that this may not be the right forum for this question,
>however, here it goes.
>We are trying to install Distributed Monitoring on an SP node and the
>installation fails.  We were able to create the managed node
>successfully, prior to installing (or trying to) DM 3.5.
>I get various messages of the following format:
>  Something went wrong:
>  Media Packet:  "/tmeinst/dist_monitor35/FILE14.PKT"
>  pr2201ln01:FAILED
>  Wed Aug 12 09:43:31 1998 (17): system problem: `bad dkey'
>   completed with errors.
>As a matter of fact, I got similar errors when I tried to install the
>3.2 Super patch.
>By the way, I have tried the 'wlocalhost' solution which is recommended
>in the Tivoli Support website.  "It don't work".
>Another symptom that we get is that we are unable to get the properties
>for the nodes via the GUI (From the Policy Region right click on the
>managed node and select Properties).  It just seems to go into 'la-la'
>land, a.k.a. it just shows me the clock until I shutdown the client
>(odadmin shutdown 'od').
>I have opened a PMR with IBM and I am currently waiting to hear back
>from level 2 support.
>I hope that someone out there has come across this problem and may be
>able to point me in the right direction.
>With thanks,
>Julio W. Troya
>Associate Technical Specialist
>Enterprise Systems Management
>Bank of Nova Scotia
>Scarborough, Ontario
>Tel: 416-701-7144
>Fax: 416-288-4400
>E-mail: julio_troya AT hotmail DOT com
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