Re: Y2K Compliancy of NetView 3rd party apps

1998-08-27 21:32:41
Subject: Re: Y2K Compliancy of NetView 3rd party apps
From: David Easter <David_Easter AT BAYNETWORKS DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 21:32:41 -0400
Hi Alain,
 You didn't specify which of the many Optivity branded applications you
were interested in.  However, Bay Networks' corporate policy states that no
product that is not Y2K compliant could be shipped after March 31, 1998.
Therefore, any products shipped after that date are Y2K compliant.  You can
check out specifics at:


Hope this helps,

-David J. Easter
Product Manager - Optivity NMS, Network Management Division
Bay Networks, Inc. - Where Information Flows.


At 12:26 PM 8/14/98 +0200, Alain Menezes wrote:
>Could anyone tell me the Year 2000 compliancy of the following products
>on AIX (what version? when available?) :
>CiscoWorks CiscoView Sybase
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>ASLK-CGER Services GIE                          Tel.:  +32 2 228.55.74
>Rue Fossé-aux-Loups, 48                               Fax.:  +32 2 228.83.69
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