Re: Bay Networks Net Architect 1.1 on NV5

1998-08-27 21:28:03
Subject: Re: Bay Networks Net Architect 1.1 on NV5
From: David Easter <David_Easter AT BAYNETWORKS DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 21:28:03 -0400
Hi Chris,

  NetArchitect 1.1 only uses the NetView APIs to allow users to load
devices from the NV map into NetArchitect.  Other than that, it really
doesn't depend on the platform for anything.  I know of customers who have
hacked/worked around the install issue and are using NetArchitect 1.1 on
the native AIX Operating system.

It's not supported, but it should work fine once you get around the install
issue.  Don't know if the map will sync over, but you can get the devices
in manually or from Optivity NMS rather than NetView.

-David J. Easter
Product Manager - Optivity NMS, Network Management Division
Bay Networks, Inc. - Where Information Flows.


At 03:56 PM 8/7/98 -0500, RIG - Chris McBride wrote:
>We recently installed Netview 5, and tried to install our Optivity software
>suite, and when we got to installing NetArchitect 1.1 we found out that it
>does not support Netview 5.
>Is anyone running NetArchitect 1.1 on Netview 5?  Does it work?

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