Re: Nvevents on NV Clients

1998-08-22 09:50:35
Subject: Re: Nvevents on NV Clients
From: Ray Schafer <schafer AT TKG DOT COM>
To: nv-l AT lists.tivoli DOT com
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 09:50:35 -0400

It might be that nvcorrd is trying to keep up with rulesets, or it could be
that it is waiting on something else (like nvserverd).

James Shanks has posted a document on rulesets.  You should make sure you
read it.  It might point you to the problem.

A "ps -o cpu -p <netmon PID>" will tell you how much CPU time the process
has received during the last CPU tick. If you consistently see this as "0"
when the problem occurs, then nvcorrd is likely waiting on something.  I
have a similar problem every once in a while, and for me it is nvserverd
that is chewing up CPU, and nvcorrd is doing nothing except waiting to
communicate on a socket (probably to nvserverd).  You may have a different
problem, but if yours is the same, please call support.  Mine doesn't happen
often enough to debug it in a timely fashion.

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> Subject: Nvevents on NV Clients
> Hi all,
> we have installed one NetView V5.0 Server and ten NV 5.0 Clients.
> Our Operating
> System is AIX
> The clients mount the database from the server.
> Now our Problem:
> Some times no Events received on the Client GUI. In the logfile directory
> /usr/OV/log we never found
> any error message.
> After restart the nvcorrd daemon, the Events are displayed again.
> This problem currently occure every day.
> Who can help us?
> Best Regards
> Armin

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