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1998-08-22 09:24:48
Subject: Re: Server and Client
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Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 09:24:48 EDT
Hello ,

Hi Volkmar ,
On the MOT Site i've read this question :
Will any NetView client work with any NetView server?

NetView currently only supports like-like configurations (meaning AIX-AIX
,Solaris-Solaris, etc). We're working on a fix now that will allow any
Netview UNIX client to work with any NetView UNIX server.
(I think he doesn't mean to add the word UNIX in the last line)
What I understood is that Server and Client has to be of the same
platform . Do you mean , in your answer , that unlike platforms are
supported now in Netview V5.1 ? Appreciate your help.
Best Regards,
E-Mail : nmarzouk AT vnet.ibm DOT com

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Hi Carsten,

> Carsten Strahler wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a simple ask.
> Is it possible to run Netview/AIX as server and the Client on an other
> operating system (NT, Solaris) ?

Quick and simple answer is: YES !

> Carsten

Rgds. Volkmar

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