[Veritas-bu] Incremental filesystem backups running like a full backup

2013-11-19 15:12:15
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Incremental filesystem backups running like a full backup
From: mdglazerman <nbu-forum AT backupcentral DOT com>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 12:12:10 -0800
I am attempting to backup the contents of a remotely mounted filesystem. This 
filesystem is currently mounted on one of our linux master servers via CIFS. 
There is approximately 2.3TB's of data on this system. I can backup in full 
with no issues but every incremental I run, runs like another full. 

The data I'm trying to backup is located on a commodity storage appliance which 
has the ability to share itself out over CIFS and NFS etc..  We mounted the 
CIFS share on a linux box and I created a policy to backup the contents of the 
mount.  I cannot install a NetBackup client on this system.

My plan is to try and implement synthetic full backups against this system to 
cut down on the backup times. I had another policy configured which via some 
trial and error, allowed me to run a synthetic full in 6 hours instead of 3 
days. However, attempts at incrementals using this policy also resulted in the 
incremental backing up every file again. 

The policy currently in use was setup from day one with all the appropriate 
schedules (standard full, synthetic full and standard incremental) from day 
one. The standard full ran for 3 days and completed on Saturday morning. I 
kicked off the incremental that same morning and it's still running. 

Are there any caveats to how Netbackup handles backups of remotely mounted 
filesystems ? I would be very surprised if the system where the data resides is 
modifying every file every day. 



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