Re: [Veritas-bu] need help with mass tape copy

2010-09-23 20:24:20
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] need help with mass tape copy
From: Mark Phillips <Mark.Phillips AT DOT au>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 09:54:08 +0930
I had to do something similar when migrating from DLT/LTO1 to LTO3/LTO4.
The tapes were mostly end of year backups that were in separate volume pools so 
I was able to compartmentalise the duplications into bite size chunks of 20 to 
30 tapes.
I used the same media server to do the read from old tapes and write to new 

As Ed said you duplicate images and not physical media, so the first task is to 
work out which images are on the tapes you want to duplicate.
We're running Linux/Solaris and as such the utilities are from Unix but the 
Windows master/media servers will have the same NetBackup commands at the 
command line and equivalent utilities, here's the guts of a script I wrote to 
do the job...

        i="<mediaid1> <mediaid2>........"
        for i in $i
                do bpimmedia -mediaid $i | grep IMAGE | awk '{print 
"bpduplicate -dstunit <storage_unit> -dp <target_volume_pool>", $4, ">> 
duplicate.log 2>&1"}' >> outfile
        sort outfile | uniq > outfile_exec

this will give you a list of commands in the 'outfile_exec' that, when 
executed, will duplicate images on the list of media to the target volume pool 
and output the results to a log file, so that you can check the results of the 
duplications and retry any images that weren't successfully duplicated.

Once everything has been duplicated don't forget to make the new copy the 
primary copy, using either bpduplicate or bpimage.

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] need help with mass tape copy

thanks Rob, i can configure drives on the same server.

does anyone know that if there's a backup image that spans multiple tapes if 
netbackup will be smart enough to know the change in tapes even if i'm not 
copying the multiple tapes at the same time?

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