Re: [Veritas-bu] need help with mass tape copy

2010-09-24 07:34:11
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] need help with mass tape copy
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And remember – when you duplicate images the retention period starts from the beginning

e.g. a retention period of 1 year starting in may is duplicated in august will only expire in august the following year


so if you are scripting the work you may want to check the image retention and modify it when duplicating the image


If I remember correctly NetBackup wont allow you to duplicate the image between media servers – this ensures the traffic is localises to the systems SCSI busses as popped the NW.



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If you have all the tapes in the library, or at least all the tapes that the images span, then yes, NBU will work it all out for you. If not you'll have to get tapes in quickly. This is what Ed was alluding to with "a lot of groundwork".

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[Veritas-bu]  need help with mass tape copy




thanks Rob, i can configure drives on the same server.

does anyone know that if there's a backup image that spans multiple tapes if netbackup will be smart enough to know the change in tapes even if i'm not copying the multiple tapes at the same time?

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