[Veritas-bu] NMDP backups on EMC Celerra Netbackup 6.5.3

2009-10-14 21:39:58
Subject: [Veritas-bu] NMDP backups on EMC Celerra Netbackup 6.5.3
From: bamabreeze87 <netbackup-forum AT backupcentral DOT com>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 20:47:23 -0400
I have a problem. I am running ndmp backups using netbackup 6.5 Windows server 
64bit R2 2003 on a EMC Celerra NAS. I cannot create ndmp tape drives on the 
netbackup admin console. So at the moment my configuration is running over the 
Ethernet network and is causing issues. 

I need help!!! 

When I try to add a tape drive in the admin console I get an error 16, unable 
to verify host. 

The host is registered on the netbackup server (server_2). I have verified the 
device file name is accurate c1202020 ish. 

Anyone with some insight please respond. I appreciate your help.

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