[Veritas-bu] Problem with full backup of specific directory

2005-08-09 07:30:46
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Problem with full backup of specific directory
From: ida3248b AT post.cybercity DOT dk (ida3248b AT post.cybercity DOT dk)
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 13:30:46 +0200
Hello All

I have a siebel server, where I have a strange problem with a specific 
directory (E:\siebfile\att) about once a week the differential incremental is 
a full. I have checked that TIR info keept more than  a week.

Extract from the E drive tir_file

0 1c4c965 4a7bb95e f E:\siebfile\att
0 1c4c965 4a7e1bb8 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-111G1_1-D8.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a807e12 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-1137I_1-DE.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a807e12 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-12RRI_1-FG.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a87a520 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-14J3T_1-L4.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a8c69d4 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-14J3V_1-L5.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a8ecc2e 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-14J3X_1-L6.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a912e88 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-16O6T_1-NL.SAF
0 1c4c965 4a912e88 1c S_ACCNT_ATT_1-16O6V_1-NM.SAF

Does somebody know what these entries is ?


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