[Veritas-bu] Separate Incremental and Full

2005-08-09 10:05:42
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Separate Incremental and Full
From: tstewart AT DOT uk (Thomas Stewart)
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 15:05:42 +0100
Mark.Donaldson AT cexp DOT com wrote:

>Nope incrementals only in a second policy won't work - the incremental is
>scoped only within the same policy as its full.
>You're going to have to make another policy with both a full and an
That did the trick. To make matters worse I was also caught by the 
archive bit on windows.

>You can keep the incremental for a year if they're cummulative incrementals
>and not differental incrementals but  the baseline has to be kept for twice
>your desired historical depth if you intend to have restorability.
Thanks for explaining that, I have not consirered it. Would have been 
fun if I had realised 6 months down the line :-)


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