[Veritas-bu] Clean Tapes

2005-08-03 16:42:23
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Clean Tapes
From: pabloa AT DOT br (Pablo Malheiros Almeida)
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 17:42:23 -0300

                Im still having problems with clean tapes. I got my clean tape 
on slot 20
but i only see 1-19. I updated my clean tape barcode to a CLN045 and when a
issued the command to tpclean -C xxx i still receive this message:
No cleaning tape is defined in the device's robot
                In the GUI Netbackup, i tryed to add a new volume, with its 
characteristics : DLT clean tape, pool NONE, MEDIA ID, but i receive a
message that this media is not on the database. I already used, in the
inventory robot, the barcode rules: I add the media in this barcode rule
with the CLN but nothing changes. Please can someone help me to make
something to, when i issue the command tpclean, i can see this clean tape??

Thanks a lot


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