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2005-08-04 05:57:08
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Clean Tapes
From: bobbyrjw AT bellsouth DOT net (Bobby Williams)
Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 05:57:08 -0400
The Old HP DLT700 tape libraries had a cleaning tape slot that was only
known to the library. It could not be seen by NetBackup.

Check your hardware docs for the library and see if Slot 20 is the "cleaning
tape slot".  

If that is not the case, ensure that the library is not set to clean itself.
Some ATL libraries could be set to clean themselves, but that changed a
specific slot from a data tape slot to a cleaning tape slot.  

I think you are going to have to study your library hardware.

If you tell us the library type, maybe someone else has one that can help. 

Bobby Williams
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Chattanooga, Tennessee  37421

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Clean Tapes


                Im still having problems with clean tapes. I got my clean
tape on slot 20 but i only see 1-19. I updated my clean tape barcode to a
CLN045 and when a issued the command to tpclean -C xxx i still receive this
No cleaning tape is defined in the device's robot
                In the GUI Netbackup, i tryed to add a new volume, with its
specifics characteristics : DLT clean tape, pool NONE, MEDIA ID, but i
receive a message that this media is not on the database. I already used, in
the inventory robot, the barcode rules: I add the media in this barcode rule
with the CLN but nothing changes. Please can someone help me to make
something to, when i issue the command tpclean, i can see this clean tape??

Thanks a lot


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