[Networker] Speeding up a clone job

2011-02-02 16:11:59
Subject: [Networker] Speeding up a clone job
From: Michael Leone <Michael.Leone AT PHA.PHILA DOT GOV>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 16:09:39 -0500
NW 7.5.2, Windows 2003 (server and client)

I know I will phrase this wrong, or use a technical term wrong, so I'll 
just describe what I want, and then someone can tell me what it's properly 
called, and (hopefully) how to do it.

I run a backup job that backs up MS SQL databases on one client. This 
client is an AFTD storage node. So the job backs up to disk (fiber 
connected SAN storage), and then clones onto a fiber connected library 
(library connected to my NW server, not the storage node). Problem is, I 
have about 1.7TB of DBs to back up, and my DBAs tell me they can't get rid 
of any of them, and that - in fact - they might have more DBs soon, what 
with the upcoming projects.

The problem I have is time, of course. It takes a long while to save to 
disk, and even longer to clone to tape. And I have to run this job every 
night, I'm told - no backing up only on the weekends, when I have a longer 
backup time window.

So what I am wondering - what can I do to speed up this job? I don't think 
I will be able to put a tape library/jukebox on this client, so I am stuck 
using my existing library (an Overland 8 drive, LTO-4 fiber connected 

Are there any settings I can tweak to speed this up? Savegrp parallelism 
won't help, since there's only 1 client running in this job. Server 
parallelism is set at 32 (which is probably a bit high, anyway).

Client saveset definition is just "MSSQL:", since I don't know the names 
of the specific DBs to list them, and the DBAs have a tendency to just add 
new ones that I don't know about.

Suggestions? Where else to look? Some way to have it clone onto more than 
1 tape at a time (is that "multiplexing")? To write out the cloned 
savesets to multiple tapes at the same time, I mean, not to duplicate the 
same savesets to more than 1 tape.

Thanks for any help.

Michael Leone
Network Administrator, ISM
Philadelphia Housing Authority
2500 Jackson St
Philadelphia, PA 19145
Tel:  215-684-4180
Cell: 215-252-0143
<mailto:michael.leone AT pha.phila DOT gov>

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