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2011-02-02 16:27:49
Subject: Re: [Networker] DPA 5.7
From: Kenneth Larsen <kel AT STERIA DOT DK>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 22:26:55 +0100
Thanks for the feedback on DPA use :) 

Really appriciated... diving into it as a newbie, nice to know what can be 
accomplised :) 

I see great use in change tracking too :D 

and as a client configuration reporter, sending client configs to the 
repsonsible people, and have them approve on the backup config ;) 

Med venlig hilsen / Regards
Kenneth Larsen
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From:   "Albert, Eddie - JACKSONVIL FL" <eddie.albert AT BANKOFAMERICA DOT COM>
Date:   01-02-2011 23:58
Subject:        [Networker] DPA 5.7
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*** All in my opinion and NOT necessarily that of my employer.
I use DPA for so many things...
SLA agreement reports, Federal mandated agency report analysis reports,
Anticipated media usage reports/purchasing projections for tape and disk
(read that as Capacity Planning). Add your cost formula for backups in,
given to you from bean counters, and pass the cost of data storage on to
the data hogs who use it the most. DPA can present the cost to each Line
of Business.
Or if you are performing backups as a consultant to your customers, give
them accurate billing... hey they want to save money on
backup/replication costs... change the data to suit your budget.
Hey did I mention it is integrated with VMware? The troubleshooting
data, I just think it is incredible. Oh and by using this, you can
actually do a much better job of load balancing your backup servers and
*** All in my opinion and NOT necessarily that of my employer.
Semper fidelis, /ALE

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