[Networker] How to use save set recover for data saved with symbolic name?

2011-02-01 23:16:43
Subject: [Networker] How to use save set recover for data saved with symbolic name?
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 23:14:46 -0500
Has anyone had any luck using save set recover to recover data that was backed up using a symbolic name, e.g. 'save -N name' from the client?

The local path on the client is /device/dir1/0001, and it's NFS mounted to other clients as /archive/dir1/0001

On the client, I ran:

save -s server -b pool -N /archive/dir1/0001 /device/dir1/0001

and this works. Using nwrecover or browsable recover (CLI) recovers the data just fine, and nsrinfo even reports all the data, too, beginning with the /device/dir1/0001 path name, so that all works nicely, but ...

recover -s ssid -d /alternate_path


recover -s ssid /device/dir1/0001 -d /alternate_path

or even:

recover -s ssid

recovers 0 files. It mounts the tape, moves forward the correct number of records, says it's going to recover the amount that I would expect but then ends up recovering nothing. I can write to /device/dir1/0001 on the local client.

Any ideas how to make this work? I'd really like to be able to customize the name that NetWorker puts in the media database, but, of course, I don't care if it recovers the data using the actual path name. However, it doesn't look like it works with save set recover.

I even tried using the '-S' option on the save to force it not to index anything. Again, save set recover will not work if I've used -N with the save.

I finally gave up and just ran:

save -s server -b pool -L /archive/dir1/0001

Save set recover is happy with that. Ditto for browsable recover.



George Sinclair
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