Re: [Networker] The volid on tape and the one in media base is not the same!

2008-05-27 12:39:28
Subject: Re: [Networker] The volid on tape and the one in media base is not the same!
From: Davina Treiber <Davina.Treiber AT PEEVRO.CO DOT UK>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 17:32:49 +0100
Francis Swasey wrote:

If you are recommending that I use persistent binding, then I will have to tell you that it is useless for me to do that because I have each tape directly connected to a port on an HBA. Since persistent binding has to do with multiple devices attached to a single port on an HBA it doesn't help me. What I need is persistent binding at the OS level, which is provided by the newer udev drivers for Linux by basing devices on the WWNN of the tape drive (at least until I have to replace a faulty drive).


What you are saying is not strictly true. Persistent binding is still a valid concept when connected to a single HBA port.

However, the requirements for persistent binding vary between operating systems.

For AIX, persistent binding is unnecessary as the OS already does a full mapping from WWNN to device name.

Linux also offers something similar when using udev if you use the long device names in the /dev/tape/by-id directory.

Windows with the IBM LTO drivers can do the same if you set it up correctly.

Solaris needs persistent binding from the WWNN to the SCSI address, so this depends on the HBA used.

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