Re: [Networker] SLAs and backup cost estimates

2008-05-16 15:02:08
Subject: Re: [Networker] SLAs and backup cost estimates
From: Fazil Saiyed <Fazil.Saiyed AT ANIXTER DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 13:56:51 -0500
Stan, thanks for the update, what i meant by " Device Management " is 
jbconfig\Gui to get back to base config if there are problems with devices 
and we need to rebuild or adjust the backup server, recently networker 
added "jbedit" but now we exclusively use GUI. I have a script now that 
captures pool, device associations, client config etc in case i need to 
refer back.
Major problems exist with keeping track of " clone completion" Media 
movement with correct retention to Offsite for us, reporting on what being 
backed up in real time with actionable items remains deficient. We have 
now moved most of the scheduling to external job schedulers.
During DR networker never fails to surprise us, whetter it's long boot 
times due to " reverse name resolution" ( now we have no host file, we use 
DNS" to
Devices not working right, to recovers failing ( could drivers, hardware 
issues at offsite") we do not use replication or have standby server for 
recover at DR.
Frustration mounts as recovery team wants their data fast.
We use ADIC Tape lib at offsite vendor site, which is also used locally, 
every time at DR it's different reason why networker takes longer to 
recover, from HBA, Hardware, name resolution etc.
Reconfiguring Networker at DR involves removing existing config that is 
usually the most time consuming, i whish networker recovery is not tied to 
it, or changed in a fashion that you recover networker indexes & 
functionality and either re-configure hardware or import hardware config 
separately, this would speed up connecting to Tape Drives\Tape Lib.
Just my thoughts.


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