[Networker] Solaris zones (containers) and legato (general backups)

2008-05-15 08:58:48
Subject: [Networker] Solaris zones (containers) and legato (general backups)
From: mike cannon <mikec AT CLEMSON DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 08:39:41 -0400
We are running the legato networker 7.2 client on Solaris 10 with full root
zones.  We can navigate our way down to the zones file system from the
physical server.  Is it feasible to perform the backups of the physical
machine and include the subdirectories where the zones exists.

Mike Cannon
mikec AT clemson DOT edu
864.650.2577 (Cell)
864.656.3809 (Office)

Clemson University
Computing & Information Technology
340 Computer Court
Anderson, SC  29625

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