Re: [Networker] Solaris zones (containers) and legato (general backups)

2008-05-16 15:44:45
Subject: Re: [Networker] Solaris zones (containers) and legato (general backups)
From: Paula Ehn <pehn AT CC.UMANITOBA DOT CA>
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008 14:41:32 -0500
If all your backing up is filesystems, I'd say you'd be pretty safe backing it up from the global zone provided you kept track of any new systems added etc. and use direcitves as Edward suggested.

In my case, we have Oracle DB's running in 3 our of 4 containers. To interact with Oracle's RMAN, I need to install a client (7.2.2) and the Networker Module for Oracle in each container for it to backup the DB's properly. Added to the complexity is a common /usr through all containers and the global zone so I needed to install the client first into the global zone and then each container. To install in the container, the install complains about the common Networker files installed in /usr and asks if you'd like them replace. Answer no and all installs fine. Once all the containers had clients installed, I then install the Module for Oracle in the global zone and it automagically installed it all the containers including the 4th container that does not have Oracle DB's running. So my one Solaris box running containers uses 5 Client connections and 3 Modules for Oracle even though there is a 4th module installed but never used.

using common filesystems in your containers can be a pain but so far, I've found away.

Good luck!

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Subject: Re: Solaris zones (containers) and legato (general backups)

WE backup all zones from the global zones. The /etc/vfstabs are empty in the local zones. So the file systems would have to be hardcoded in the saveset field. This could be an issue if new file systems are added. We create a client entry under the global zone name for all local zones. Everyone does a saveset of ALL. Each client entry has a directive to skip all other local zones and the global zone OS file systems. The global zone has a directive to skip all local zones.


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Subject: [Networker] Solaris zones (containers) and legato (general backups)

We are running the legato networker 7.2 client on Solaris 10 with full root zones. We can navigate our way down to the zones file system from the physical server. Is it feasible to perform the backups of the physical machine and include the subdirectories where the zones exists.

Mike Cannon

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