Re: [Networker] ASR Bare Metal Restores

2007-05-07 02:15:45
Subject: Re: [Networker] ASR Bare Metal Restores
From: Christian Drexler <cdrexler AT TEE.TOSHIBA DOT DE>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 08:17:15 +0200
I have tried ASR/bare metal recovery once and it worked nicely on a
Windows2003 server box. The only gotcha I encountered was that the box
served as its own dns server which prevented correct conbfiguration of
the interface. The error message was "Waiting for backup server
<servername> to come online". I had to bring up a command prompt by
pressing Shift-F10 and configure the interface manually via netsh to use
a different dns server. After that it restored everything as expected.



Andrew Dietz wrote:
> Have any of you done Windows bare metal restores using the ASR method?
> Are there any gotchas and/or lessons learned from doing this? I would
> love to hear your accounts.
> Preliminarily, it looks like if you had to manually install drivers for
> your NIC after installing Windows 2003 because Windows could not detect
> it, the ASR disk will not include those drivers so setup can contact the
> NetWorker server to do a full restore... Can anyone confirm this?
> After this failed, we manually installed Windows, then the NetWorker
> client and did a full restore on top of that. Upon a reboot, the machine
> blue-screened. In the absence of these two methods of restoring a
> Windows box, what other alternative are there out there that anyone can
> recommend?
> Thanks in advance,
> Andrew

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