[Networker] ASR Bare Metal Restores

2007-05-04 15:35:21
Subject: [Networker] ASR Bare Metal Restores
From: Andrew Dietz <andrew.dietz AT OIT.GATECH DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 15:34:04 -0400
Have any of you done Windows bare metal restores using the ASR method? Are there any gotchas and/or lessons learned from doing this? I would love to hear your accounts.
Preliminarily, it looks like if you had to manually install drivers for
your NIC after installing Windows 2003 because Windows could not detect
it, the ASR disk will not include those drivers so setup can contact the
NetWorker server to do a full restore... Can anyone confirm this?
After this failed, we manually installed Windows, then the NetWorker
client and did a full restore on top of that. Upon a reboot, the machine
blue-screened. In the absence of these two methods of restoring a
Windows box, what other alternative are there out there that anyone can
Thanks in advance,

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