Re: [Networker] R: [Networker] Red Hat Adaptec driver

2005-04-15 14:30:20
Subject: Re: [Networker] R: [Networker] Red Hat Adaptec driver
From: Librado Pamintuan <lpamintuan AT REGINA DOT CA>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 14:24:04 -0400
Hello George,
We are planning to purchase this card, but we want to find ut first if it
will work on our server and tape library.
We have a Dell PowerEdge 2850 as the backup server and ADIC Scalar 100 tape
Is the LSI Logic 22320-R card/adapter compatible with the server and tape

thanks in advance,

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005 09:26:12 -0400, George Sinclair
<George.Sinclair AT NOAA DOT GOV> wrote:

>We were having horrible SCSI bus reset problems with our Red Hat box and
>Adaptec SCSI cards. I was literally rebooting that silly storage node
>every day because when the problem would occur, the picker, and/or at
>least one drive in the attached libraries, would simply disappear.
>Nothing would bring them back except a reboot. you can only imagine the
>frustration and utter chaos this was wreaking on our backups and tapes!
>We tried everything, and nothing worked. I don't think we ever tried
>increasing the st buffers, though. Anyway, we finally gave up and just
>bought some LSI Logic cards. The cards we purchased were the LSI
>22320-R. This is an ultra 320 MB (160 per channel) dual SCSI SE/LVD
>card. Presto! No more problems. In fact, the machine has been so stable,
>it's unbelievable!
>The funny though is that we've had good success with Adaptec as far as
>RAID, but very poor results with tape. I would be hesitant to ever use
>Adaptec products for tape ever again, never mind the fact that Adaptec,
>for whatever reasons, seems to have become the ubiquitous, omnipresent
>SCSI card that comes defacto with just about anything you buy these
>days. We just could never make it work. If it's that hard, why bother?

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