[Networker] Legato server Windows 2003: jbconfig fails: scsi command MODE_SENSE failed

2005-04-15 14:57:55
Subject: [Networker] Legato server Windows 2003: jbconfig fails: scsi command MODE_SENSE failed
From: Michael Coxe <mcoxe AT OPSWARE DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:52:45 -0700
Hi all,

Warning: my Legato server background is with Solaris, though
I can work my way through most Windows admin tasks.

I'm now trying to setup a Legato server [7.1.3] under Windows
2003 for a remote site, but jbconfig isn't working for me.

It fails with "Jukebox error: scsi command MODE_SENSE failed".

System Specifics:
OS:        Windows server 2003
Legato:    7.1.3 for Windows, Network Edition
HW:        Dell 2650
SCSI card: Symbios SYN22802 SCSI card (req for HV differential I/O)
           with nothing but the jukebox on the scsi chain.
Jukebox:   Spectralogic 2000 Library (Treefrog) with HVD Scsi I/O

Windows Removable Storage manager is disabled for the
Spectralogic jukebox.

Inquire results:
[email protected]:TEAC    CD-224E    K.9A|CD-ROM
[email protected]:SONY    SDX-500C   01c9|Tape, \\.\Tape0
                                      S/N: 0001483289
                                      ATNN:SONY  SDX-500C  0001483289
[email protected]:SPECTRA 215        1008|Autochanger (Jukebox)
[email protected]:DELL    Container      |Disk
[email protected]:DELL    Management     |Processor

SJISN results (doesn't work):
C:\>sjisn 2.3.0
SJISN: Resource device
usage: sjisn [email protected]

C:\>sjisn [email protected]
SJISN: Resource device
usage: sjisn [email protected]

JBCONFIG results (fails):
         1) Configure an AlphaStor/SmartMedia Jukebox.
         2) Configure an Autodetected SCSI Jukebox.
         3) Configure an Autodetected NDMP SCSI Jukebox.
         4) Configure an SJI Jukebox.
         5) Configure an STL Silo.
         6) Configure a Microsoft Removable Storage Jukebox.

What kind of Jukebox are you configuring? [1] 2
jbconfig: Jukebox error: scsi command MODE_SENSE failed


Fyi, I installed the exact same jukebox under Solaris with the
same Legato version (7.1.3) and it works A-OK. In fact I used
the same SCSI card type (Symbios SYN22802) on both systems.

Another fyi, if I enable the jukebox to be managed by the
Removable Storage manager and choose jbconfig option #6,
jbconfig creates the jukebox device (though the Removable
Stroage manager is a horrible mess which I don't want between
Legato & the jukebox :<)

Any pointers, suggestions for additional troubleshooting most
appreciated. Also opening a ticket with Legato...

 - michael

  Michael Coxe, IT
  <mcoxe AT opsware DOT com>
  work (408) 744-7582
  cell (408) 898-7011

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