Re: [Networker] R: [Networker] Red Hat Adaptec driver

2005-04-15 16:59:40
Subject: Re: [Networker] R: [Networker] Red Hat Adaptec driver
From: George Sinclair <George.Sinclair AT noaa DOT gov>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 16:58:56 -0400
Well put. And this goes back to my original point. Should you decide
that the reason you're having problems is because you need to update the
driver then what happens when you discover that Adaptec first recommends
that you patch the firmware on the card? In looking into the patch,
*maybe* you see a warning that if you're using this on an OEM card then
you're swimming without a lifeguard! Then you check Dell's page, but
find that they don't have such a patch for their OEM version of this
card, and since you're using the Adaptec driver and not an OEM driver
then what do you do? Seems like your stuck.

If, however, you're using a card directly from the manufacturer that has
not been OEMed then you should be able to patch it using their patch
without this problem.


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