Re: [ADSM-L] TSM RFE regarding Litigation Hold

2013-05-08 08:54:58
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] TSM RFE regarding Litigation Hold
From: "Vandeventer, Harold [BS]" <Harold.Vandeventer AT KS DOT GOV>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 12:52:37 +0000
I've used the export to another server solution, but this last event was the 
most troublesome.

Five very large nodes, it took nearly a week to export one of them.  

Complicated by the impact on storage resources.  (That's another battle I'm 
fighting at the moment.)

Thus, my comment in the RFE about the "immediate" ability to refrain expiration.

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Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] TSM RFE regarding Litigation Hold

Our approach has been to export/import the node to another TSM instance under a 
different node name with a suffix or prefix that indicated the
hold.  THe mgt class is set to no-expire.    We stop expiration until this
copy is made.  This approach has lets the node be processed as usual, and the 
copy can sit for as long as needed.


From:   "Vandeventer, Harold [BS]" <Harold.Vandeventer AT KS DOT GOV>
Date:   05/07/2013 03:36 PM
Subject:        Re: TSM RFE regarding Litigation Hold
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Great ideas Paul.... I'm preparing to build the alternate server without 
expiration approach as soon as I can scare up some resources.

I'll look at the alternate Domain approach also.

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Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] TSM RFE regarding Litigation Hold

We deal with a variety of types of litigation hold here, as well.  What you can 
do now, easily, is to setup a parallel policy domain (i.e.,
LITHOLD) that has all the same management classes, but different retention 
policy (i.e., retain forever).  Then, to avoid expiration you just have to do 


This works if you have all the same management classes defined in LITHOLD that 
you had defined in the original domain.  You can move the node back and forth 
between domains as needed.  If LITHOLD is missing a management class, then 
retention would be controlled by the "grace period"
definitions of the domain - something you'll probably want to avoid.

No changes needed on the client side since you're not changing management class 
names, just their attributes.

If you have associated a schedule with the node, then you'll need to have 
copies of the schedules in LITHOLD and re-associate the node with the schedule 
in the LITHOLD domain (which can be defined the same).

We also deal with other types of litigation holds that require is to take a 
snapshot of the data.  For this, we simply export (a copy of) the node to 
another TSM server instance where expiration does not run or has no effect.


At 05:05 PM 5/3/2013, Vandeventer, Harold [BS] wrote:
>To all...
>I created an RFE to affect File Spaces and Expiration.  The feature 
cause expiration processing to be skipped for a file space that has been 
>It's RFE ID 33395 if you care to review and vote.
>Briefly, the idea is to immediately respond to a situation in which we
cannot allow Expiration Processing to delete information that would otherwise 
be deleted.  This would be in response to a "Litigation Hold"
demand from a legal issue at hand.  I've had three LitHold events in the past 
24 months; they're not much fun and I'm not in the court room, just the TSM 
Server Admin.
>Allowing a "LitigationHold=Yes" would avoid expiration on the File Space.
>When the court case is lifted, simply revert to ""LitigationHold=No". 
next Expiration process would then begin the delete process as is normal.
>The feature would avoid the complexity of assigning a "no expire"
management class to the node and trying to later revert to a more typical class.
>Please take a look at the RFE, and cast a vote if you feel it's a
valuable feature.
>Harold Vandeventer
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