Re: [ADSM-L] TSM and Exchange 2010

2011-07-19 15:59:29
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] TSM and Exchange 2010
From: Del Hoobler <hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 15:52:44 -0400
Here is a technote that might help with some of what you want:

It contains a sample "as-is" Powershell script that you can
modify to meet your specific needs.

Please keep in mind the current best practices that are
shown in the User's Guide.



"ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT vm.marist DOT edu> wrote on 07/19/2011
03:31:28 PM:

>> From: "Sheridan, Peter T." <Peter.Sheridan AT CUNAMUTUAL DOT COM>
>> To: ADSM-L AT vm.marist DOT edu
>> Date: 07/19/2011 03:37 PM
>> Subject: TSM and Exchange 2010
>> Sent by: "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager" <ADSM-L AT vm.marist DOT edu>
>> I know that there has been much discussion about this topic but was
>> wondering if anybody has a step-by-step guide or an IBM Redbook to
>> reference for using TSM to backup/restore Exchange 2010. I have read
>> users guide and am still quite confused.
>> My main confusion deals with how NOT to get multiple backups of the
>> database that can reside on difficult physical machines in a DAG
>> configuration. Do you have to define a separate schedule and node name
>> for each DB in a DAG and only backup the passive (or active copy) ? So,
>> if I have a four node DAG with four databases in the following
>> configuration:
>> S1                    S2               S3                  S4
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> DB1 (A)           DB1 (P)        DB2 (A)         DB2 (P)
>> DB3 (P)           DB3 (A)        DB4 (P)         DB4 (A)
>> Do you create eight node names: S1, S2, S3, S4, DB1, DB2, DB3, and DB4.
>> To get only one copy of DB1 backed up, run one schedule on S1 to backup
>> Passive copy of DB1 and similar schedule on S2 to backup passive copy
>> DB2. Each night you will run two attempts but only get the passive copy
>> even though you do not know what physical server it resides. Was also
>> wondering if you need to run the schedules at different times since you
>> will be trying to backup the same TSM nodename from 2 different
>> servers ?
>> Difficult to explain but hope it makes sense. My goal is to only backup
>> the passive copy of a DB even though that DB can reside on either
>> physical server S1 or S2. Plus, any instructions to setup TDP for
>> exchange 2010.
>> Thanks Pete.
>> Thanks Pete.

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