[ADSM-L] FW: TSM Server Sizing

2007-08-26 11:33:34
Subject: [ADSM-L] FW: TSM Server Sizing
From: "Lamb, Charles P." <cplamb AT NPPD DOT COM>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 10:31:42 -0500
> Hi..........
> We are struggling on sizing a future TSM system.  Is there any
> programs which would help on sizing a future TSM server??  We predict
> the change data of the our TSM system would see 3TB of daily data
> change in YR2010.  We predict that a library would need about 200TB of
> tape capacity.  Our off-site storage capability should also be 200TB
> of tape capacity.  Here is our shoot of sizing our TSM server.  Should
> this be the size of the TSM server??
IBM 9133-55A w/6-IBM 7311-D20 drawers 8-WAY 1.9GHZ w/32GB of memory. IBM
3584-L32 & 3-IBM 3584-D32 library having 24-LTO4 tape drives and about
2000 LTO4 tapes on-site and off-site.  10GB & 1GB network connections.
4TB of disk cache from IBM DS4800 w/IBM SVC system.

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