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2007-08-26 19:13:11
Subject: Re: [ADSM-L] FW: TSM Server Sizing
From: "Lamb, Charles P." <cplamb AT NPPD DOT COM>
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 18:11:12 -0500

We presently have an IBM 7026-H80 6-WAY 750MHZ w/16GB memory.  IBM
3584-L32 & D32 w/14-LTO2 tape drives which are directly connected.
Total number of LTO2 tapes is 800.  Backup 1.5TB per day.  We have
almost the full TSM suite of products for IBM equipment.  We are an IBM
blue Data Center except for an EMC Symmetrix box.  Each year, we predict
an increase of 500GB of backup data per day.  Each year, we predict an
increase of 8TB of additional disk space of enterprise disk storage
systems for our multiple server type landscapes on a couple of hundred
servers.  We are implementing the other suites of SAP R/3, i.e. Data
Warehouse, Billing, etc on multiple landscapes.  We have AIX V5 and MS
servers including WmWare systems, exchange and MS SharePoint, etc.  We
are a state utility district which services all but a few counties of
the great state of Nebraska.

IBM/TSM consultant does not endorse duel port FC adapters because of I/O
restriction on 55A & D20 bus.  These dual port FC adapters can only have
a few per D20s because of load on a PCI bus.  Must provide backup &
restore service on a 24x7 basis.

We are white collar professional gals & guys which are to work 40 hours
per week, M-F, etc., however, we seem to work 60hrs or each week!!  

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Depending on what your main problems/issues are, I think this system
is VERY adequate, maybe even over sized.

I have TSM srever on p630  (7028-6C4) with 4x 1.45Ghz Procs and
8GB BRAM.  2-3TB on disk pool and the TSM DB on FASTT4300 Turbo.
Hav eONe 7311-D20 drawer with FC Adapters.

3584-L32 and (1) D52 Exp frame.  Have 12 LTO2 and 2 LTO3
drives.  Mostly LTO2 tapes, have 1100 tapes total onsite and
offsite.  Backup 2.5 TB per day and have 80TB onsite tape.
We do compression on tape.

And my system works fine, may upgrade my Disk pool later.

So, to your specs compared to mine.

1.  Tape.  If I went to LTO4 tapes, my 80TB (plus the same offsite)
would fit on probably 300tapes.  200TB then would need say 750 tapes,
maybe 800.  Also you shouldn't need 24 drives. And only 1 D52 frame
as 24 drives would fit on just 2 frames, base and exp and then tapes
definitely fit in there also.

2.  Server.  A 4 way with 8-16GB would be very adequate.  But why
need (6) D20 drawers? Even if you put 1 tape drive per FC Adapter port,
the  24 drives would need 24 ports.  There are dual port 4 GB Adapters
now, and I think can get (6) in a D20 (double check that,  not
sure of IBM specs on that).  So only (2) D20 drawers would support 24

24 drives - maybe you have a lot of restore requests?  Or use HSM?

You say this is for 2010?  Let's see, they will have LTO6 or so by then

3.  Other thoughts.  Is money any object?  If not, I may send you my
(A Bunch of others on this list may too!)  Unless you are direct
connecting all
devices to TSM, you also need budget for SAN switches.
And don't forget TSM licenses!  Also Disaster Recovery, High
and related items.

You didn't mention much else about environment.  How many clients, what
Doing backups only or archives also.  Do you do many restores?
Planning to have multiple instances of TSM Server (My comments about
oversized might go away if you are planning multiple instances.)

Based on what you provided though, I think most experienced folks on
email list would agree with my comments, with only minor differences.
if you get the system you mentioned, you will be the envy of most out

David B. Longo
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>>> "Lamb, Charles P." <cplamb AT NPPD DOT COM> 8/26/2007 11:31 AM >>>
> Hi..........
> We are struggling on sizing a future TSM system.  Is there any
> programs which would help on sizing a future TSM server??  We predict
> the change data of the our TSM system would see 3TB of daily data
> change in YR2010.  We predict that a library would need about 200TB of
> tape capacity.  Our off-site storage capability should also be 200TB
> of tape capacity.  Here is our shoot of sizing our TSM server.  Should
> this be the size of the TSM server??
IBM 9133-55A w/6-IBM 7311-D20 drawers 8-WAY 1.9GHZ w/32GB of memory. IBM
3584-L32 & 3-IBM 3584-D32 library having 24-LTO4 tape drives and about
2000 LTO4 tapes on-site and off-site.  10GB & 1GB network connections.
4TB of disk cache from IBM DS4800 w/IBM SVC system.

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