[ADSM-L] query help please

2007-08-15 04:47:02
Subject: [ADSM-L] query help please
From: "Gill, Geoffrey L." <GEOFFREY.L.GILL AT SAIC DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 01:44:58 -0700
Hello everyone,
I am still out of the country and can't connect to work so I need some help 
please. Here is what I'm looking for. I have te below query that returns a 
complete list of tapes a node has data on but I am looking for something that I 
might add to it that would narrow the search to tapes that were written between 
specific dates.
I do have someone back at work who is backing me up that can run these queries 
to gather the info but I'm not able to help from China as my access seems to be 
blocked from here, not work. Just try reading about falun gong from here or 
tiananmen square and you'd invariably get "page cannot be displayed" before the 
search returns anything. If you do get a list 99% of what is returned is also 
blocked, while normal searches work just fine.
Anyway, if anyone can help me so I can forward to her I sure would appreciate 
select distinct node_name,volume_name,stgpool_name from volumeusage where 
Geoff Gill

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