[ADSM-L] ANS1469E Error processing filexyz, invalid encription key

2007-04-13 10:08:38
Subject: [ADSM-L] ANS1469E Error processing filexyz, invalid encription key
From: Bill Dourado <bill.dourado AT ALSTEC DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 15:10:10 +0100

Several years ago I included encryption on our Payroll Server node name
FS4 - TSM Backup client V5.2

This TSM client has now been rebuilt with new OS  Windows 2003, previously
it was Windows 2000.

Before I installed the TSM Backup client (V5.3) today,  I renamed the old
filespaces to OLD_xxxxxxx.

I have not introduced encryption as yet ( no enteries in dsm.opt to
indicate encryption)  on the new setup.

When I try to restore files from the the old filespaces (only as a test)
it fails :-

ANS1469E Error processing "filexxyz" , invalid encryption key

Then it asks for the encryption password and confirmation, but it still
fails .

I am sure that I am entering the correct encryption password.

Is there any way round this ?

Also 4 weeks ago we upgraded the  TSM Server(Windows)    from V5.2.2.1 to

It's not critical if I can't restore these old files, but it would be nice
to know a fix if there is any ?



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