Upgrade Library 3494

2004-04-15 05:36:55
Subject: Upgrade Library 3494
From: Christoph Pilgram <Christoph.Pilgram AT BC.BOEHRINGER-INGELHEIM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 11:35:03 +0200
Hi all,

We are running TSM (AIX 5.1 / TSM 5.1) with a 3494 Library with about 2000
tapes inside (most of them private). Because we have new drives in our
library (3592) we have to upgrade the library manager software (incl. New
Library-Manager-PC inside the Library). Our support wants to take the old PC
out of the Library, the new one with the new Library-Manager-Software into
the library and make just a reinventory of the library to build the
I know that the info about the status of the tapes (private or scratch) is
available in the library-manager-database. With a new inventory, I think,
all tapes will go to category scratch. In our tsm-server the category is
also available.
Is there a possibility to get the info about the status of the tapes
synchronized from tsm-server to library. Is there a problem if library has
the tape as category scratch and tsm has the tape as private (member of a
tape-storage-pool with data)?

Thanks for help


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