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2004-04-15 08:40:23
Subject: Re: Upgrade Library 3494
From: "Hart, Charles" <charles.hart AT MEDTRONIC DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 07:39:51 -0500
We just went through this as part of our 3590-3592 Tape migration in a 3494 
library.  Remember that the TSM Library Definition is where the Pri/Scratch Cat 
comes from.  So as long as you do not change the value you should be fine.
Once the CE is done you need to do an Audit lib.  

In or situation we had to define an additional (Logical) Tape Library 
definition with new categories and then checkout all 3590 tapes with the 
"Remove=No" parameter in the checkout libvol cmd then check them back in to the 
new lib definition so our new 3592 tapes can use the original lib def and 
categories so our scripts didn't blow.

Hope that info helps.  

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>We are running TSM (AIX 5.1 / TSM 5.1) with a 3494 Library with about 2000
>tapes inside (most of them private). Because we have new drives in our
>library (3592) we have to upgrade the library manager software (incl. New
>Library-Manager-PC inside the Library). Our support wants to take the old PC
>out of the Library, the new one with the new Library-Manager-Software into
>the library and make just a reinventory of the library to build the
>I know that the info about the status of the tapes (private or scratch) is
>available in the library-manager-database. With a new inventory, I think,
>all tapes will go to category scratch. In our tsm-server the category is
>also available.
>Is there a possibility to get the info about the status of the tapes
>synchronized from tsm-server to library. Is there a problem if library has
>the tape as category scratch and tsm has the tape as private (member of a
>tape-storage-pool with data)?

Christoph - An interesting situation there...

For the effects of a change implemented in that manner, refer to
"Re-inventory complete system" in redbook "IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape: A
Practical Guide".  (All tapes end up in Insert category. To be avoided.)

Your IBM service people should be aware of better approaches...
The Library Manager consists of the industrial PC, LM software, and a
database.  The database is a logically separate entity, and can be handled
in pretty much the same way as any other database can, to the best of my
knowledge, which includes preserving its contents across a hardware change.
If you activate the Service Menu portion of the control panel menu repertoire,
under Utilities you will see "Backup database..." and "Restore database...".
Your service people should be exhorted to fully pursue the potential there,
and not needlessly disrupt the customer environment.  Remind them that this
is Enterprise level hardware and software, which implies continuity without
untoward disruption.

  Richard Sims,

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