Re: Upgrade Library 3494

2004-04-15 19:24:06
Subject: Re: Upgrade Library 3494
From: Steve Harris <Steve_Harris AT HEALTH.QLD.GOV DOT AU>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 09:22:15 +1000
I've had problems in the past with the upgrade process of the library manager.
One time the IBM engineer tried 3 times to use the upgrade procedure, but could 
never get the database to restore on the new library manager pc.  However 
nothing was lost.  On each attempt, we just deinstalled the new library manager 
and reinstalled the old one.   

Eventually, we just did a new install.

For the latest upgrade (when we went to 3592s) we just did a new install. But 
pre install I did (from one of my AIX boxes) 
mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -qI > tempfile.

After the upgrade

awk '{print("mtlib -l /dev/lmcp0 -C -t",$2,"-V",$1)}' < tempfile >

Then run

Voila, everything is back as it was.



Steve Harris
AIX and TSM admin
Queensland Health, Brisbane Australia

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