Re: need solutions for offsite storage.

2004-04-08 08:32:23
Subject: Re: need solutions for offsite storage.
From: Bill Fitzgerald <wfitzger AT MHC DOT NET>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 08:31:32 -0400
We are currently implementing the first phase of a High Availability/
Disaster recovery Site within 10 miles of our primary location. One of
these HA/DR features is a redundant TSM server and a LTO tape Library.
This Tape library will become the Copypool for the primary onsite tape
library.  The copying will be done over the redundant dark fiber paths
we are installing.

William Fitzgerald
Software Programmer
TSM Administrator
Munson Medical Center
wfitzger AT mhc DOT net

>>> rbs AT BU DOT EDU 4/8/04 8:13:25 AM >>>

We've heard from people who are pursuing the tradition of sending
tapes offsite.

Is anyone employing any kind of electronic transmission or
electronic vaulting to do away with the archaic trucking model?

Sadly, tapes *can* go astray when given over to an offsite service,
as most notoriously happened recently in Japan:

  Richard Sims

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