Re: need solutions for offsite storage.

2004-04-08 07:52:36
Subject: Re: need solutions for offsite storage.
From: David E Ehresman <deehre01 AT LOUISVILLE DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 07:51:22 -0400
We have about 1400 offsite tapes and move about 100 tapes offsite and
onsite each day.  We have a room in a building about 2 miles from our
site with multiple tape racks.  One of our operations staff takes the
new tapes offsite each day and pulls and brings back the old tapes.

David Ehresman
University of Louisville

>>> us AT SOFTCOMPUTER DOT COM 4/7/2004 3:32:51 PM >>>
Hi everybody,
I hope if somebody can share with me the experience how do you keep
offsite tapes.
As for today I have about 140 tapes offsite from copy pools. And the
number keeps growing.
Currently I have 3 cartoon boxes, but they are full already. The worst
part I have to keep those tapes in the boss office safe and to replace
them I have to carry those have boxes to the other room.
How do you handle your offsite pool?

Thank you in advance,
Yuriy Us.