Re: netware client on aix tsm server

2002-11-21 09:52:49
Subject: Re: netware client on aix tsm server
From: David Longo <David.Longo AT HEALTH-FIRST DOT ORG>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 09:51:30 -0500
I know AIX 4.3.3 supports IPX - barely.  I set it up for a netware
client a year or so ago that ONLY had IPX.  However your TSM would
be limitation, you didn't mention which version.  As of TSM server
the TSM SERVER doesn't support IPX, I believe the client still did

If you can't get TCPIP on client, let me know and I'll dig up the info
how to setup IPX on AIX.

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>>> michelle.wiedeman AT MULTRIX DOT COM 11/21/02 09:14AM >>>
hi all,

A cotumer of ours wants a netware 5.1 server in our backup schedule.
This client doesnt support tcp/ip only ipxspx. I did see an ipxsockeReceived: 
from HealthFirst-MTA by
available in server options, but according to the costumer the server
returnes with an "invalid ipx adress" when starting the client.
Now this costumer had netware installed by another party 4 years ago
doesnt know anything about handling the OS itself, nor do I. So our
option is to make the tsm-server available to the ipx protocol. As far
as I
know aix (4.3.2) doesnt understand ipx. My question: how do I make aix
understand ipx? or how do i make netware understand tcpip?

thnx a lot,


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