Re: ADSM/TSM memory leak?

2001-05-30 07:53:07
Subject: Re: ADSM/TSM memory leak?
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 07:54:02 -0400
>But I did have another inquiry. Does anyone else regularly reboot
>their TSM/ADSM server app? Regularly, meaning every 3 days or even
>more often.
>We have 1.1 GB of RAM on our TSM box. Under ADSM, this apparently
>wasn't enough, as we always got "Paging space low!" if the server app
>ran for more than ~72 hours without restarting the app (is this
>what's called a "memory leak"?). TSM apparently does the same thing.
>It respawns itself, but it's still bad cuz if it dies during an
>operation involving tapes, it always screws us up.
>So I plan to reboot the server app every day, but just wondering if
>we're the only ones with this problem.

Then...why not add paging space to that system?  Disk is quite cheap
these days.  Until you get the additional disks, you can tailor
server options like BUFPoolsize to minimize TSM memory utilization.
Also have your AIX people look into what else is running on that
server that might not have to, or might be problematic, as the
other processes are also using memory.

  Richard Sims, BU
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