Re: ADSM/TSM memory leak?

2001-05-30 09:35:36
Subject: Re: ADSM/TSM memory leak?
From: Angela Hughes <hughesa1989 AT YAHOO DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 06:36:31 -0700
I definitely agree with Richard that 1.1 GB of RAM is
inadequate.  I've always started with a minimum of 2
GB of RAM.  In large enviroments such as @ IBM we
rebooted our TSM servers every 30 days via cron.
--- Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU> wrote:
> >But I did have another inquiry. Does anyone else
> >But I did have another inquiry. Does anyone else
> regularly reboot
> >their TSM/ADSM server app? Regularly, meaning every
> 3 days or even
> >more often.
> >
> >We have 1.1 GB of RAM on our TSM box. Under ADSM,
> this apparently
> >wasn't enough, as we always got "Paging space low!"
> if the server app
> >ran for more than ~72 hours without restarting the
> app (is this
> >what's called a "memory leak"?). TSM apparently
> does the same thing.
> >It respawns itself, but it's still bad cuz if it
> dies during an
> >operation involving tapes, it always screws us up.
> >
> >So I plan to reboot the server app every day, but
> just wondering if
> >we're the only ones with this problem.
> Then...why not add paging space to that system?
> Disk is quite cheap
> these days.  Until you get the additional disks, you
> can tailor
> server options like BUFPoolsize to minimize TSM
> memory utilization.
> Also have your AIX people look into what else is
> running on that
> server that might not have to, or might be
> problematic, as the
> other processes are also using memory.
>   Richard Sims, BU

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