Re: Volume not compatible with drive error.

1999-05-20 10:13:12
Subject: Re: Volume not compatible with drive error.
From: Logan Varatharasa <loganv AT AUSTIN.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 09:13:12 -0500

Thanks again! Yes! with 170m tapes, it works!!


>   If you are using a 7331 model 305, it will only write on 170m AME Mammoth
> data cartriges. We use both Exabyte and IBM tapes.
>   Check the type of tapes you are using. The standard 8mm 160m (7 GB) data
> cartridge will read on a model 305, but you can't write to it.
>   The other thing to note is that if you read a standard 8mm tape on a model
> 305, you need to clean the drive before you can either read from or write to
> a 170m AME Mammoth data cartridge.  Early models also required a power off
> reset on the 7331 as well.
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