Volume not compatible with drive error.

1999-05-18 19:01:11
Subject: Volume not compatible with drive error.
From: Logan Varatharasa <loganv AT AUSTIN.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 18:01:11 -0500
Hello All.

As James suggested I was running dsmlabel from /usr/lpp/adsmserv/bin
and it works okay.

But Now I am getting an error labeling the tape. The drive is defined as
ADSM device and both the ADSM tape drives (mt0,mt1) and the ADSM library
(lb0) are available.

The command and the error message are as follows:

# dsmlabel -drive=/dev/mt0,23
# dsmlabel -drive=/dev/mt0,23

ANR0900I Processing options file dsmserv.opt.

ANR9722I Insert a new volume in drive '/dev/mt0', then enter the name
characters) to be used for its label; or just press ENTER to quit this
ANR9743I Attempting to label volume 'DSMA01' using drive '/dev/mt0'...
ANR9751E The volume in drive '/dev/mt0' is not compatible with the drive.
ANR9726E I/O error writing label for volume 'DSMA01' in drive '/dev/mt0'.
Any suggestion?
Any suggestion?

Thank you.

IBM Austin, TX.
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