Re: ADSM Windows NT

1999-05-19 09:14:04
Subject: Re: ADSM Windows NT
From: Roger Hohmann <Roger_Hohmann AT WESTLB DOT DE>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 15:14:04 +0200
You have to reinitialize all disk volumes, and, if You did not back up
them and they contained data, this data is gone. If You have a backup
(with ba stgp), you can 'restore volume', I think.

G Christian schrieb:

> Hi,
> I want to upgrade my server Windows NT by replacing Hard-disk of 9 Gb
> by 18 Gb and i've got an ADSM server on it.
> So when i reinstall Windows NT4 of the new disks and install the new
> version of ADSM, all seems ok.
> I copy the volhist.out and defng.out, extend db and log
> and make the restore db. All seems ok BUT i 'm in front of a strange
> thing : archivepool.dsm and backupool.dsm doesn't exists on the
> ADSM\SERVER directory !! I must recreate them manually !!
> It is normal or is there anything i forgot in my restore procedure...
> Any suggestions would be appreciated
> Chris.
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