ibm 3590 b1a to e1a migration...

2015-10-04 17:43:35
Subject: ibm 3590 b1a to e1a migration...
From: Ray Harder [mailto:ccray AT SHOWME.MISSOURI DOT EDU]
we have an ibm 3494 tape library with 4 3590-b1a drives.
library is full with about 530 carts.

per the ibm adstar web site, you can upgrade the 3590-b1a
drives to 3590-e1a drives for about $15k per each -- double
capacity per cart and higher data transfer rate...

according to the doc, you can "...upgrades from b models to the
new e models, the ability for cartridges written by the b models
to be read by the new e models and the ability to write 20gb
on 10gb cartridges provides investment protection..."

what i read into this is we upgrade the drives, and as soon as
we go thru space reclaimation or manually 'move data' on each cart
we double our capacity.  is it that easy for adsm or am i missing
something.  anybody done this...


Ray Harder
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