Re: ibm 3590 b1a to e1a migration...

1999-05-19 08:35:57
Subject: Re: ibm 3590 b1a to e1a migration...
From: buser andreas <andreas.buser AT BASLER DOT CH>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 14:35:57 +0200

not long ago we did a similar migration (we migrated from 3490 to 3590,
two media which are not compatible).

In your case (Old media which can be read on the same drives) it's an
easy thing.

Update your device config(new capacity), set all the old medias to
readonly, and let adsm do the rest through normal processing, such as
reclamation and migration. If you want, you can push the migration by
moving data by "hand".

It would like to be in your situation (new Magstars).

Could you tell us about your expiriences  with the new drives once you
will have them?

Have a nice migration


Kind Regards
Andreas Buser

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