ADSM across ATM

1997-12-18 09:42:11
Subject: ADSM across ATM
From: Jeff Renicker <jrenicker AT VNET.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 09:42:11 EST
>Try sending the data directly to Tape.  You can expect a throughput of
>between 17G-22G an hour.  Yes as high as
>22Gig an hour.  You'll have to tune your ATM network but these numbers

It appears that you have your ATM network tuned for ADSM backups.  Have you
also used it for non-ADSM traffic?  If so, is the performance good?

We have an SP2 with an SP (TB3) switch and currently run our ADSM backups, NFS
mounts, and SAP R/3 transactions across it.  We are considering installing a
dedicated network to use as a backup for the switch (in case it fails).  We
are looking at ATM, FDDI, and 100Mb ethernet.  We are intrigued by your
numbers and are wondering if we install ATM and tune it for large file ADSM
backups will the tiny SAP transactions suffer in performance?

I'd really appreciate any information you can share.

Jeff Renicker
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