Damaged volume

1997-12-11 12:02:05
Subject: Damaged volume
From: Eric van Loon <evanloon AT KLM DOT NL>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 18:02:05 +0100
Dear ADSM-ers,
I have a volume which is unreadable. No copy is available, so I would like the 
references to the data on the volume removed form the database, so a new backup 
will be taken tonight.
I though an UPDATE VOLUME ACCESS=DESTROYED would do the trick, but the volume 
reference still exists.
I then issued the RESTORE VOLUME command. The response in the log was:

Restore of volumes in primary storage pool SMSPOOL started as process 
Restore process 65 ended for volumes in storage pool SMSPOOL.         
Restore of volumes in primary storage pool SMSPOOL has ended.  Files  
Restored: 0, Bytes Restored: 0, Unreadable Files: 0, Unreadable Bytes:
Volume MVSADSMP.B0011358.BFS contains files that could not be         

According to the  Admin Guide this should result in deleting the volume and all 
file references from the database, but when I issue a Q VOL I still see the 
volume listed!
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for any reply!
Kindest regards,
Eric van Loon
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