Re: TME product and ADSM

1997-12-11 12:06:19
Subject: Re: TME product and ADSM
From: "Prather, Wanda" <PrathW1 AT CENTRAL.SSD.JHUAPL DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 12:06:19 -0500
Look at the doc for the V3 ADSM server.
It is supposed to include its own monitoring capability.
You can set up definitions to have the V3 server trap any message(s) you
want, and send alerts to MVS Netview, or to any SNMP monitor (such as
AIX Netview or HP OPenview).  Or send them to a user-written program.
Or record them in a flat file.  Or have some alerts go one place and
some go another.  Or have them all go everywhere!

Now, I have only seen the doc for the TME 10 interface, and only seen
the doc for the V3  server, I haven't tried using either one myself..
But if I understand it correctly, the V3 server would make the TME 10
product unnecessary (unless you did indeed prefer the TME user

Has anybody actually tried the V3 implementation?

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        Subject:        Re: TME product and ADSM


        IBM's Tivoli TME 10 suite of products was touted as having a
        interface for ADSM, however, once the TME 10 suite was brought
on board at
        my company, I was unimpressed with what the I/F had to offer.
There was a
        component within TME 10 that would capture messages (from any
origin), and
        deal with them appropriately (i.e., page an on-call analyst
according to an
        on-call list, send an e-mail, multiple pages to all concerned
        etc.). This component relied heavily on Netview (and other
things I'm sure,
        but I don't have absolute specifics), but it seemed to me that I
could get
        the same results without adding one more software piece to my
server group.
        The I/F itself was just a pretty front-end that gave the same
"look" and
        "feel" as the other TME 10 components, but added no value to
anything ADSM
        was accomplishing (give me something that improves network
backup times,
        gives any ADSM process further compression during network
travel, etc. ---
        these were the things I was most interested in).

        I had the powers that be here send the TME 10/ADSM interface
back to Tivoli
        for a software credit. If this is roughly what the vendor was
talking about
        at the conference, it may not be worth your time and effort. If
she was
        offering a package that simply trapped messages strictly from
ADSM, I'd be
        interested in knowing the name and some details (I have a
feeling that IBM
        would actually be the group that would come up with this one
first, but, as
        usual,  someone may be trying to get one step ahead of the

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        Rod Hroblak <rhroblak AT DSAVM.E-MAIL DOT COM> on 12/10/97 05:57:39 PM

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        cc:    (bcc: Cindy Cannam)

         Hi all,
         A few months ago at the Storage Synopsum in SF I heard a
         pitch by a lady concerning ADSM Management with TME. She
         represented a company that planned on making a TME product
         that would automatically handle ADMS alerts, etc. Somewhere
         I lost my notes. Does anyone know what company she represented
         Did this product ever get developed. Can someone fax me the
         presentation ?
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