Re: ADSM & BackupExec

1997-12-11 03:32:42
Subject: Re: ADSM & BackupExec
From: Freddy Sjauw-En-Wa <FreddyS AT SEAGATESOFTWARE DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 08:32:42 -0000
Dear Mr. Boireau,

The way the connection between ADSM and BE works is just as you would
connect a Autoloader to the NT box directly. The fact that the system
seems to be scanning tapes before doing anything, seems to be because of
the fact that the target is the Autoloader with ADSM in between. It is
ADSM that mounts the autoloader because the primary pool is the
autoloader (?).My suggestion is to have a small diskpool (50 -100MB),
and then overflow to the autoloader. Let ADSM take care of mounting
tapes while the backup runs.

Freddy Sjauw-En-Wa
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Seagate Software UK
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>Subject:       ADSM & BackupExec
>I have a ADSM Server V2 on AIX Server with an Exabyte 210 autoloader. We
>used Seagate BackupExec V7.0 to backup our Microsoft Exchange Serveur to
>ADSM.I have a time wait among 15-20 min for waiting scanning tape before
>backup begin.
>Doesn't anybody do the same thing? And is there any solutions.
>Thanks !
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